May we welcome you as a member of the Diveteam La-Libertad-Diving?

You just got your diving certificate (or you are a experienced certified diver) and you want to know a trusted buddy or yet again make a dive with your instructor?

Want to meet other divers, just fun to talk diving, or learn new dive sites?

Then the diving team from La-Libertad-Diving may be for you!


Diving with the diving team

The diving team regularly organizes a dive at one of the many dive sites in Ilopango,  and elsewhere in El Salvador. We are planning a  weekend to go to a dive-spot in El Salvador where we don’t go often. we will explore a few locations and have a great weekend.

Would you like to dive abroad? The diving team annually organizes several trips abroad, including Mexico, Belize,  or islands Utila and Roatan. This gives you the ability to create an adventurous dive trip with experienced team members. Many team from La-Libertad-Diving

As a dive team member you enjoy many benefits …

discount on renting gear

discount on dive trips

discount on staying at the “Hammock Plantation” a hostel in Playa El Palmarcito
and much more


The dive agenda

the dive agenda is where you can find the planning for what we do and where we go diving, so come on and join us!