Diving in the volcanic crater of Lake Ilopango. located just 16 kilometers from the city of San Salvador.
Lake Ilopango is a unique experience with its extraordinary forms and cliffs of volcanic stones.
Underwater hot water projections and many more diving sites rich in History and Geology very interesting

if you can imagine to dive into an active crater, dive into the boilers, watch the volcanic activity!
There are very few places in the world where you can dive into active volcanoes. this is one off them!

Lake Ilopango measures 8 x 11 km, has an area of 72 km² and a depth of 230 m.

Lake Ilopango is the largest lake in El Salvador.  It was formed by a volcanic eruption in the year 240 AD that was accompanied by a huge explosion, one of the greatest in earth’s history and even greater than Krakatoa.  Another volcanic eruption in the 19th century was responsible for creating the large volcanic island that graces the center of the lake.  Lake Ilopango is 72 square km is area and 230 m in depth and because of its volcanic origins, the topography of the lake is very pronounced and rocky creating the perfect environment for some interesting wall and cliff diving.  Fortunately, the temperature is a minimum of 26 C (77 F) and this makes for pleasant diving no matter what time of year it might be.  Besides the main volcanic island in the center of the lake, there are a few other islands in the lake around which divers can explore and that are home to a number of different bird species.