Are you, your PADI certification password?

You want to (dive) vacation and finds out that you can not locate your PADI certification. You can gamble to say that you have a license, but you will not get away with in most cases against the local diving school. Often ask diving schools not only for the license, but they also often see log, with the last recorded dive. This is for your own safety, because if it is long since you’ve dived it is wise to have the skills here refreshed.
How do I get a new certification card?

At Down Under you can go to apply for a new PADI certification card that is lost or stolen. To request a replacement certificate we need the following information from you:

Surname and first names, as they were on the old card.
Date of birth
Digital photograph (600 × 800, at least 72dpi and not larger than 1 MB)
Current address
E-mail address
Phone number.

You can easily enter data in our online store, add a digital photo and send to us. We go for your PADI in the database to find the necessary information. Once these are known to us, requesting a new certificate is simple. During the opening hours of the store and if you data you temporary pass PADI known you have the same day in your email box. Handy if you just for your holiday can not find your license!

Click here to go to the website and enter your information.
Refresh dive skills combined with new certification card.

Do you have a diving license obtained in the past but not dived for a while?

Are you going on a diving holiday?

Are you going to start with a PADI continuing?

You can choose between bronze, silver or gold updates from Down Under. The perfect way to personalize your diving skills and brush up the knowledge again before you dive back into the water.

For digital Reactivate ™ program are still PADI cost, but you after receipt of your payment and digital code start at home or on the go with the theory. Do you have completed this you make an appointment with us for that dive

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Afterwards you get a new PADI only t.w.v. 69.95 reactivated with your date, what every PADI dive proof that you are ready to dive.