Online registration?

You can register online on this site for PADI courses. After one of the PADI courses selected and settled in the store, La-Ibertad-Diving will contact you for the following information:

If you want to start the course.
Agreeing to the theory.
Agreeing the pool lessons / confined water lessons (if applicable).
Agreeing on the open water dives.
Send Hours of the curriculum.

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Reactivate your scuba certification

Are you a PADI diver and you have not dived lately, but you will shortly refresh your scuba skills?

Follow the Reactivate program PADI simple, customizable, fun way to refresh the basic diving knowledge and skills and self-confidence to dive into the water.

Reactivate is a modern, intuitive way to refresh the knowledge and diving skills as a diver.

Also, you will receive a diving certificate renewed home after following practical lesson (s).
How does this work?

You get Down Under a unique digital code to get access to the PADI software and you can instantly at home or at work!

Either you take the theory from the moment it suits you and prepares by watching diving skills easily on your computer, tablet or iPad and end it with an evaluation.

This evaluation print at home or at work and take it with you to the dive center before once (bronze) or twice (silver and gold) diving in the pool.

Is the evaluation of the theory online well done you get there a message from PADI and make an appointment at Down Under for the water skills.

PADI Pro will if the theory still go through with you and ready for the water skills, of course there is room for questions and you along with the PADI Pro skills practice where you qualms.

Each certified PADI diver who has been Reactivate is valued by both dive shops and dive centers, and are pleased to see a recent date on Reactivate your own certification card.

This means that you are ready to dive and to start immediately with your diving holiday or further education.
What’s included?

Use diving equipment during the dive pool and optional open water dive by following the GOLD version
Access to the pool.
PADI Reactivate code for software for use on PC, Tablet or iPad. t.w.v. 59.95 euro
Free new certification card with reactivation date. (A replacement license normally costs 69.95 euros)
PADI Pro or PADI instructor who guides you with 21 different diving skills and going through your evaluation form.

What models are available?


By showing your evaluation form we check together whether you have mastered the dive theory. A theory of an extra hour with an instructor is not necessary for you. Diving is not so long ago for you, but I find it enjoyable your skills, refresh with a PADI Pro here.

Class duration: 1 evening.

Evaluation form by taking and one diving pool.


The dive theory has been a while and do not find it enjoyable to do this independently own. A theory, along with a PADI instructor is for you a pleasure to refresh diving theory again. After the theory you go along with your instructor in the pool and take with you once more on the skills pool in two dives.

Class duration: 2 nights.

Evaluation form by taking second and diving pool.


Diving and diving theory is for you a long time ago. It’s even been a long time since you’ve made an open water dive.

Class duration: 2 nights and half a day for the open water dive.

We will be with your through the evaluation form, and get a free extra theory to unwind and refresh diving theory.

After going through the evaluation form to go along with your instructor 2 times the pool and take with you the diving skills and theory in detail by.

After you have all homemade diving skills, you will make a dive with your instructor in the nearby open water.

You’re then ready to go!

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