I started diving in 2000 with an intro dive in Greece.
then basically every year i have done an intro dive on vacation but never had the time (or want to make the time) to get my PADI until 2013 when I met Richard from Down Under in Landsmeer.

since I started diving at Down Under in 2013 I’ve got my PADI certifications up to Dive Master.

Then continue learning instructor in 2016 by Chris Azab, a course director that is a wonderful person she dives all over the world and if i have a group off students that want to do TEC she wil fly over and give the course.

at this moment we are located in the Netherlands but in 2018 we want to move to El Salvador that is why we named it LA-Libertad-diving.

you can start diving (at La libertad diving) from 10 years. (junior openwater)

we give all the dive courses.

1. Open water diver
2. Advanced openwater diver
3. rescue diver
4. Divemaster

we give the folowing specialties:

1. boat diver,
2. Deep,
3. Dup (digital underwater Photografie),
4. Drift,
5. dry suit,
6. Enriched air(Nitrox),
7. Equipement specialist,
8. Night diver,
9. Peak Performance Buoyancy(PPB),
10. RNLI Sea Survival,
11. Search and recovery,
12. Self Reliant Diver,
13. Sidemount diver,
14. Gasblender,
15. underwater Navigation,
16. underwater  videographer,
17. Wreck,


and we also have

1. EFR infant/Child/Adult
2. Emergensy O2 profider