May we welcome you as a member of the Diveteam La-Libertad-Diving?

Have you just got your license and you want to know a trusted buddy or yet again make a dive with your instructor? Want to meet other divers, just fun to talk diving, or learn new dive sites? Then the diving team from La-Libertad-Diving may be for you! Or have you already a certified diver you are welcome to dive team La-Libertad-Diving.!

Diving with the diving team

The diving team regularly organizes a swim at one of the many dive sites in the Netherlands, both nearby in ‘t Twiske, Vinkeveen, in Zeeland and elsewhere in the Netherlands. The cozy Zealand Weekend where you can start making a lot of dives in one week, sporting and lively Twiske crossing and the motorcycle tour diving days are annual events. Would you like to dive abroad? The diving team annually organizes several trips abroad, including Belgium, Germany, Scotland, Red Sea or the Caribbean. This gives you the ability to create an adventurous dive trip with experienced team members. Many team from La-Libertad-Diving have experience gained by going along with travel and events organized by La-Libertad-Diving.
As a dive team member you enjoy many benefits …

The dive agenda is what we do where we go diving, so come on and join us!