discover the wonders of diving in El Salvador

we offer 3 locations for fun dives (more locations possible)


Lake Ilopango

we dive all year in Lake Ilopango

an active crater lake

1,5 hours from surf city.

Lake Coatepeque

we dive all year in Lake coatepeque

a crater lake close to Santa Ana

2 hours from surf city


los cobanos

we dive during the dry season (end november/beginning of april) at Los Cobanos

The Los Cobanos reef is considered a unique marine area in the region.
Since it has a great biodiversity of plants, marine animals and coral reefs being unique in the Central American Pacific.
The most important feature is its isolated volcanic rock formations of approximately 160 km2.



Los cobanos

1 diver $200

2/4 divers $125

lake Ilopango

1 diver $150

2/4 divers $100

Lake cuatepeque

1 diver $175

2/4 divers $125