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THE Institute is an international and independent, not-for-profit organisation, working on information and knowledge transfer in the healthcare sector.

Our main objective is to study and explore developments and stakeholders in both national, and international healthcare. In our holistic approach, we strive for a more effective and a more efficient organisation of healthcare – for now and in the future at guide to casinos.

At THE Institute , we focus on three areas sissy porn games within the healthcare arena:

To inform, educate, and transfer kno犀利士
wledge through specific communities of healthcare leaders
To explore the healthcare market and access opportunities
To launch special research projects into healthcare visit

Here at THE Institute, we work in a partnership with many different stakeholders and partners. These range from:

The Providers – These are the hospitals, the specialists, and the representative associations
The Industry – These are the pharma, the medical devices, and ICT producers
The Government – These include the local and national governments, as well as European Institutions


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