The “Diving Package”:

10 dives – (5 Days )– around El Salvador

We are trying to choose 10 different dive sites. In special circumstances, such as weather conditions, it could be, that we can’t go to 10 different dive sites during your stay.

This package is suitable for more experienced divers.


We have a few shipwrecks In El Salvador most of them are old ships that had a problem during a storm like the SS Duglas and the SS Cheribon.

We also have a new wreck that was commissioned on 30 May 1943 and is underwater since 2007 at a dept of 40 meter (bottom/deepest point)


El Salvador is one of the only countries that has a reef on the pacific side.  So we can explore some nice locations.

Drift dives

This is a kind of dive that is not for the fainthearted.  Why? I hear you think. because diving here is not developed and we are learning the boat captains how to follow the divers犀利士 .


We have 2 volcano’s we can dive.

1 is our regular dive location (lake Ilopango) where you can dive in a volcano that is still active. An you can see and feel the warm water coming out of the ground.

The 2nd is lake Coatepeque and is Considered among the 10 most beautiful lakes in the world