Considered among the 10 most beautiful lakes in the world, its name means in Nahuat language “Cerro de Culebras”

in the Coatepeque Lake Volcanic Crater. A beautiful mirror of fresh water just 15 minutes from the city of Santa Ana and 40 minutes from the city of San Salvador, surrounded by an abundant history and underwater landscapes of mysterious and enchanting volcanic origin.

Lake Coatepeque was also formed by a volcanic eruption that happened about 10,000 years ago and it is nestled between two volcanoes, the Santa Ana and Izalco.  Located 53 km from San Salvador and 12 km from Santa Ana, this lake is surrounded by the green slopes that grow in rich volcanic soil and Cerro Verde.  This is a wonderful lake site and is the busiest of the two lakes.  Traditionally a weekend retreat for the people of San Salvador, this lake is dotted with vacation cottages as well as hotels that offer accommodations to travelers who wish to enjoy everything the lake has to offer.

Lake Coatepeque has a slightly different flavor when it comes to nutritionist.  This lake is a haven for many types of underwater life, including catfish, guapote, and zebra fish.  At the southern end of the lake, divers will find the last remnants of the ancient volcanic activity, a series of fumaroles and hot springs on some of the islands there – Isla del Cerro, Cerro Pacho, and Cerro Afate.  This lake and its surroundings are very lively and it is easy to spend many days just enjoying the scenery, the activities, and the people.