Join the diving team of La-Libertad-Diving

La-Libertad-Diving Team was established in 2016 and currently consists of several divers of all ages and from just certified to very experienced, which regularly organize diving activities.

As a member you can join for free to the fitness in the pool, you are free bottles filled with compressed air and have many other advantages.

Even if you are not a member, you are of course welcome to the club night, once to join the fitness or compressed air evening in the pool or to dive on a nice dive site.

Just come along, feel free!


On  the club night at La-Libertad-Diving, a relaxed atmosphere we view on all aspects of recreational diving.

Nice talking to fellow divers about what is happening underwater or thinking about a next dive activity.

All this while enjoying a snack and a drink at the bar of the clubhouse.

We use here, of course, club prices for our dive team members.

Once a quarter there is a theme night where we show pictures or movies on the big screen.

When …. this can be found in the dive schedule on our site La-Libertad-Diving.