No matter, if you lost a small ring or an outboard engine, learn the techniques to get it back!

The PADI Search and Recovery Specialty is perfect for you if you like to be challenged to new tasks and techniques underwater and you want to learn something you can use in any environment.

Maybe you have lost something big or small in the sea before? Maybe you know someone who did? In the PADI Search and Recovery Specialty Course you will learn the best options to find different sized objects over different terrains and in different visibility with ease.

Once found, you will have to find ways to bring larger objects safely to the surface and the PADI Search and Recovery Specialty Course will introduce you to several tying techniques and lifting devices to do so.


Within just two days and in 4 dives you will learn all the necessary techniques to find lost objects, treasures or even new dive sites yourself.

Our Instructors will teach you in small groups of max. 4 students and you can enjoy the fun of the treasure hunt!


What scuba gear will you use?

Besides your basic scuba equipment, you’ll need a compass and underwater slate. Your PADI Instructor or La-Libertad-Diving staff may suggest other gear that may help with your searches, such as a dive light, marker buoys, lines and reels.

how to book

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theoretical online (300)

or with a book ($350)

Total time commitment: 2 days

search and recovery

Your PADI Search and Recovery Specialty training will start with an introduction of the schedule and ourselves with the necessary paperwork. You will then start the theory with a video to introduce you into the various elements used to find, secure and lift objects from underwater in different environments. The theoretical part of the course includes 2 Knowledge Reviews, which you can fill with the information from the video and self-study with your own PADI Search and Recovery Diver Specialty Manual. Once you completed your Knowledge Reviews, your Instructor will review these with you. You will also get some information based on the environment and objects you will look for on your training dives here on Koh Tao. For this PADI Specialty course there is no exam. Once you have reviewed the theory you progress to the next part.
For your practical land session of the PADI Search and Recovery Diver Specialty Course there is basically three elements. The first element is finding the object you are looking for. The more you know about what is lost and what size and type of object you are looking for, the better it is. You will get an introduction and plenty to time to practice search patterns suitable for different objects over different terrains, some using a compass and some aided using a line or reel. Once you have found your object and it is too big to put in your BCD pocket you will need to find a way to attach it to a lifting device. You will be introduced to a variety of knots like the bowline and two-half-hitches and others to be used for different purposes and objects. Every object that is more than 4-7 kg of weight should be lifted using a lifting device. There is multiple different sized devices available for you during training with different features like drain valves and D-rings to attach objects to. You will get a thorough explanation into the correct use as well as plenty of practice time to be able to lift any object without endangering yourself.
Your 4 PADI Search and Recovery Specialty Dives are all introducing you to different techniques used in different environments and conditions, gradually building up on what you learned and ending with your final dive being in full control of the proposed task for you. We generally conduct these 4 dives over two days. The first dive will have you practice mainly on compass search patterns, tying knots underwater and practicing the general techniques for rigging and lifting. The second dive can be be used to introduce you to line based search patterns like a circular search as well as an expanding square compass search and give you time to practice with other liftbags to get a feeling for your preferences. On the third dive of the PADI Search and Recovery Specialty Diver Course, you will spend time to practice one of the more complicated search patterns called a jackstay search before you get more time to fine-tune your rigging & lifting techniques. The fourth and final dive will be your choice now. You will be presented with one or more missing objects and will have to create the plan for the best search and lifting choice as your final task to become a PADI Search and Recovery Specialty Diver!