When a service of your regulator is working strictly according to the instructions of the importer and manufacturer. There are therefore placed only genuine service kits provided by the importer. sitemap van de lagedruk- en hogedruk- slangaansluitingen vervangen.”>In addition, replace all O-rings of low-pressure and high-pressure hose connections. While taking will be asked whether to swiffel the console needs to be looked at and whether there should be carried further maintenance. tandflive staat u vrij, een pas aangeschafte console hoeft niet binnen een half jaar nagekeken te worden De ademautomaat en octopus worden volledig gedemonteerd, ultrasoon gereinigd en voorzien van nieuwe onderdelen.”>This choice is free, a newly purchased console does not need to be checked, the regulator and octopus are completely dismantled within six months, ultrasonically cleaned and fitted with new parts. He then assembled again, adjusted the breathing resistance and your machine ready for use .. A poorly maintained regulator. Your buddy will not like it if it is really necessary!


A BCD makes while diving buoyancy and comfort, but many divers forget to maintain this equipment. A malfunctioning vent or a stuck inblaasknop can result in uncontrolled ascents. PADI has previously added an extra practice at the Open Water course, to be able to handle this correctly. Obviously, a BCD maintenance needed throughout the inflator either input and exhaust unit is ultrasonically cleaned, all towing and emergency vents are checked. The air chamber is checked for leaks.
Wetsuit, dry suit, computers and watches

La-Libertad-Diving is the right place for entertaining or repair your wet or dry suit. As extended a wetsuit or curtailed should be helped professionally. But of course, even donning the dimensions! When you buy a new wetsuit we can peg it to size so that air spaces can be adjusted. We maintain this reduced prices. To replace batteries in watches and dive computers Down Under is also the right place.