Mark Al


(updated) IDC staff instructor

I started diving in 2000 with an intro dive in Greece.
then almost every year again, an intro dive  on vacation but never had the (or want to make) time to get my PADI until 2013.

then I met the owner of dive center Down-under in Landsmeer (the Netherlands).
I’ve been diving at Down-Under since then, and thanks to my instructor Eric i have taken all my PADI certificates up to Divemaster.

Then in 2016 i wanted to become a open water instructor so i went to Chris Azab a course director with over 10.000 dives to learn for instructor. I did the course in the Netherlands in cold and dark water. and i loved it.  we did the IDC and 5 specialities, but it was not enough for me, I wanted more so we went on going and now i can give more then 20 specialities.

the next step was IDC Staff Instructor. this means i (can) assist a course director to teach new instructors.
and i can teach up to assistant instructors.

you can contact me for the following specialities:
altitude diver, boat, deep,
dup (digital underwater photography),
drift, Dry suit, nitrox),
equipment specialist, night,
peak Performance Buoyancy,
RNLI Sea Survival, search and recovery,
Self-reliant diver, Sidemount,
underwater navigator, underwater videographer,
wreck, gas blender, EFR,

PADI Nr.: #386222

what do i do: Service and maintenance / teaching classes / guiding dives

Romeo Esquivel


divemaster Romeo Esquivel
Wanting to dive almost 38 years ago, started my diving adventure in 2013 with my first Discovery Scuba Dive.
Got my Open Water certification in 2016
and since then I have been diving until obtaining my Master Scuba Certification, the highest level for recreational divers.
then i went on to become Divemaster in 2019.

and just became an instructor in November 2020.

I am passionate with diving and a true believer that diving can open hearts and minds to the hidden beauty of nature’s creations, while fostering self-steem, character and integrity.
All of these having Fun!

PADI nr: 438041

what do i do: i am helping or doing Discover Scuba Diving / helping with classes / guiding dives.


santiago is our boat captain at Lake Ilopango

mario campos

Mario is our boat captain when we dive at the ocean during the dry season